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It takes time to learn how to swim and to be great in the water. However, learning how to swim will open the door to a lifetime of activities, health benefits and quality time with people we love. Private lessons will quicken the process and are a great way to start as it ensures a different level of comfort and attention. Try out a class with us today!

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Private Swimming Lessons We Offer

We offer private lessons for a range of age groups and locations. Sometimes you need that bit of extra attention and comfort. Look here to see more details on the different types of private swimming lessons we offer.

  • SSI Swim Teachers Course

  • Life Saving Course


Private Baby Swimming Lessons

There are so many benefits to sending your baby for swimming lessons. Hasten the process and increase your comfort level by signing up for private lessons. 

Confidence, coordination, balance, muscle building, heart and lung strength are one of the many benefits that your baby will gain. Sign up for private lessons today.


Private Toddler Swimming Lessons

Starting your child early has a whole host of lifelong perks. Swimming would greatly aid their language and number skills, it helps them get ready for school and it allows them to develop physically quicker. Private lessons give your child more attention and allows the lesson to truly progress at his/her pace. Sign up for one today!


Private Kids Swimming Lessons

In our private swim lessons, we access every kid's strengths, weaknesses and learning modes and help them become the best swimmer they can be. With private classes, your child gets a different experience with the increased attention and time. Sign up for one today!


Private Adult Swimming Lessons

Every learner has different needs, anxieties, strengths and weaknesses. With our private classes, you can be rest assured that our excellent swim coaches will cater the lesson to meet your personal swim goals in a fun, secure and comfortable environment. 


Private Ladies Swimming Lessons

Our private lady swim lessons ensure that lessons are catered for female learners by a female coach. If you are looking for quick progress, private lessons are the way to go. Speak to us about how you can start today. 

Take the plunge and sign up for a class today!

Whether it is for yourself or for someone you love, swim lessons are a great investment that would reap multiple levels of benefits in the future. Try a class today!


Swimming Awards and Certifications

SwimSafer - SwimSafer Programmes are conducted by professional SwimSafer Instructors. Each instructor is qualified to provide a positive contribution to your child’s progress in water competency. Every acrediated SwimSafer Instructor will hold a valid SwimSafer Instructor card. You may proceed to your nearest Sport Singapore Swimming Complex to consult our friendly SwimSafer instructors to find out more and register. Only certified SwimSafer Instructors are allowed to conduct SwimSafer.. Learn more about the SwimSafer Swimming Programme in Singapore.


Swimming Coach

A good swimming coach can make a difference between a fun and exciting session as compared to a boring swim training, allowing the swimmer to took forward to the next swimming session. The coach should also keep a log of everything completed as a guide for future references. Although each swimming session is usually planned out at the start of each month according to the training programme, there should be a degree of flexibility in case the swimmers are tired, in order to get the best out performance.

Our swim classes take place at a variety of public and private pools. Find out what the nearest pool is to you and how we can start your swimming journey here.

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