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Learning a new skill knows no age. It is never too late to gain swimming mastery. Whatever your goal is, may it be to conquer your fears or to lead a healthier lifestyle, our private swimming lessons will surely guide you through the process of becoming a better version of you.

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United World College (SEA) Pool
1207 Dover Road, Singapore 139654



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Why take the Private Adult Swimming Lesson?

Benefits of Private Adult Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a low impact sport, that is why it is a great exercise for all ages. Regular swimming offers a handful of benefits to our physical, mental and even social health.


Introduces you to new experiences

Swimming is one of the best ways to deviate from our daily typical drills and plunge into something much enriching. Learning to swim introduces us to more adventures such as kayaking, scuba diving and many more.


Helps you grow in confidence

Swimming does not only help us build a healthier body. It also teaches us valuable life lessons such as self-discipline and confidence which we can channel in all areas of our lives.


Promotes a healthy heart and lungs

Swimming keeps your heart and lungs healthy. It improves strength and flexibility, as well as increases stamina. It even improves balance and posture.

What do you learn in Private Adult Swimming Lesson?


Water Comfort

Water comfort is the first component we introduce to all learners, once a learn achieve high level of comfort in water the following training comes very naturally.


Water Safety

Staying safe in, on and around the water is no accident—it takes knowledge and awareness of the possible risks


Endurance Training

Also known as laps training, typically the swim endurance training is structured into a few standards sets of laps. Depending on the objectives we may add timing as a guideline into the laps training.


Stroke Training: Frontcrawl (Freestyle)

For the freestyle stroke we will begin with introduction of posture streamlining, arm action, breathing techniques, kicking rhythm and balanced turning.


Stroke Training: Breaststroke

Similar to free sytle stroke in terms of training guide, for the breaststroke we will begin with introduction of posture streamlining, arm action, breathing techniques in the right timing and kicking rhythm.


Stroke Training: Backstroke

Laying on the back seems unnatural at first but once the learner achieve comfort. We proceed to arm actions, breathing and kicking training.


Stroke Training: Butteryfly

Many think that this is most difficult stroke to master, in many ways it is true. However once you gain mastery of the butterfly stroke with the right posture, arm action, kicking and breathing. This is probably the best workout you can use for improving fitness.

How to make the most from Private Adult Swimming Lessons?


The stages of the Adult Swimming Lessons

5 stages x 16 weeks

How often do we conduct the Private Adult Swimming Lessons?

Adult swimming lessons are conducted once a week and can be arranged on any day during the week to fit your schedule. 


Who should take up the Private Adult Swimming Lessons?

Adult classes are for those aged 16 years old and above and for those who wish to reap the immense benefits of learning how to swim. 

Who will be conducting the Private Adult Swimming Lessons?

We love to give you the best swimming experience! That’s why we make sure that our swim instructors are experienced, expertly trained, and certified by Singapore Sport Council and Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association. 


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When would you like to start?

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Terms and Conditions

You are required to declare any medical conditions that you have or have had in the past. The school has the right to withdraw your enrolment if regarded medically unsuitable for the programme.

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