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Besides introducing people to the swim world in the form of swimming lessons, we'd also like to share knowledge on swimming in Singapore. Here, you'll find a range of articles that might be useful to the aspiring swimmer or the professional one. Hopefully they will inspire and increase your interest in the sport.

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Swim Safer

SwimSafer is a national water safety programme in Singapore introduced in July 2010 by the National Water Safety Council (NWSC), a council appointed by the then Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports (MCYS). In 2013, NWSC transferred full ownership of SwimSafer to the Singapore Sports Council (SSC). In 2014 Manulife extended their sponsorship to Singapore Sports Council to promote SwimSafer for 3 years.

SwimSafer Stage 1: Introduction to Water Skills (Swimming)

The objective is for your child to gain confidence and develop independence in the water, as well as learn general and deep-end water safety. Techniques taught includes forward and backward movement, safe entry and exit, and introduction to personal water survival skills.

SwimSafer Stage 2: Fundamental Water Skills (Swimming)

General skills development will include unassisted step entry into water, sculling, feet-first surface dives, personal water safety skills and water safety awareness in an aquatic environment. Your child will be encouraged to achieve 25 metres of continuous swim.

SwimSafer Stage 3: Personal Water Survival and Swimming Stroke Development Skills

Principles of personal water survival and basic rescue skills will be taught. Your child will demonstrate proficiency in sculling, underwater skills, and the use of a Personal Floatation Device. Your child will be encouraged to achieve 50 metres of continuous swim.

Swimming Techniques

The common swimming strokes and techniques in Singapore includes the Front crawl (freestyle), Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly swimming techniques.

Front crawl (Freestyle)

Front crawl is the fastest stroke. The style is a combination of windmill like arm movements with flapping leg movements.


Starting from the water, windmill arm movements and flapping leg movements floating on the back.


Simultaneous arm and leg movements. The arms are pushed outwards and forward from the chest while the legs perform a scissor movement.


Both arms move in simultaneous cartwheel movements while the legs kept together are flapped in a dolphin like fashion.

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