Swim Safer Gold

SwimSafer Gold requires students to perform strokes with greater ease, power, efficiency, and smoothness while swimming over 400 metres. Lifesaving readiness will be the focus of rescue skills and water safety knowledge on this stage. You will continue learning standing dive and advanced personal water survival skills at an advanced level.

Why take SwimSafer Gold?


Obtain life-saving readiness


Gain proficiency in rescue skills


Learn to perform strokes much smoothly and confidently

What swimming skills and knowledge will you acquire in SwimSafer Gold?


Entries & Exits

- Standing dive


Sculling & Body Orientation

- Scull, float or tread for whilst making a self-made float within 5 min (incorporated in Survival & Activity Skills)


Underwater Skills

- In at least 1.8m deep water, perform head-first surface dive (tuck or pike) and perform ear equalisation, if necessary and swim through hoops on pool bottom for 5m


Swimming Movements & Strokes

- 100m Front Crawl (within 3:00 min)
- 100m Breaststroke (within 4:00 min)
- 100 m Backstroke (within 3:20 min)
- 50m Survival Backstroke
- 50m Sidestroke
- 15m Butterfly


Survival & Activity Skills

Dressed in swimwear, long pants, t-shirt, perform the following sequence:
- Enter deep water using a compact jump
- Perform a headfirst surface dive to a depth of at least 1.8m (and perform ear equalisation, if
- Swim through hoops on pool bottom for 5m and resurface
- Swim 45m quickly using front crawl
- Then, swim slowly for a further 50m using any preferred survival swim stroke
- Remove pants in deep water and make a float with it while treading water within 5 min
- Demonstrate Heat Escape Lessening Posture (H.E.L.P.) technique with the self-made float for 1 min
- Then swim 25m with the self-made float and climb out of the water


Rescue Skills

- Using a suitable buoyant aid, tow (noncontact) rescue of a person 10m from safety.


Swimming Knowledge

- Principles of Personal Safety and Survival
- Environmental Awareness
- Health Awareness
- Emergency Situations and Survival Techniques
- Rescues

How often do we conduct SwimSafer?


Who can take up SwimSafer?

From 5 years old +

Who will be conducting the programme?

Swim Safer is conducted by experienced, expertly-trained, and certified swim instructors.

SwimSafer Certification

At the end of each stage, student will receive a stage completion e-certificate.

What's next after completing SwimSafer Gold?

You are now equipped to venture into other aqua activities such as diving, kayaking, and competitive water sports!

How to sign up for SwimSafer Gold?

Take SwimSafer today! Simply select your preferred day and time below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Terms and Conditions

You are required to declare any medical conditions that you have or have had in the past. The school has the right to withdraw your enrolment if regarded medically unsuitable for the programme.

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