The swimmer has to learn to cater for the much greater amounts of strength needed in the arm movements of the butterfly swim stroke.

Butterfly Swimming Technique

Start by jumping off the bottom of the swimming pool and throwing both arms forward together whilst lowering the head. This should be coupled with at least three kicks of the legs. If the arms can now be pulled over the water without having to stand, three more kicks can be made. The number of butterfly kicks and jumps from the bottom can be slowly reduced until the swimmer is making two kicks to each pull and pulling consistently. The swimming can eventually get used to the feeling of taking a breath when he has pulled this arms to their rear-most point.

It must be emphasized that the swimmer should aim to enter his arms softly, trying to avoid splash when doing the butterfly stroke. Power needs to be applied during the pull underwater by aiming to bring the hands under the stomach as though the swimmer is pulling him or herself out onto the poolside.

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