Bedok Swimming Complex


Bedok Swimming Complex is a swimming complex managed by Sport Singapore. The complex is ideal for family recreational activities with facilities that include a competition pool, training pool, and wading pool. Swimming pools are great for swimming classes either for beginners or advanced lessons.

Information of Bedok Swimming Complex

Address & Contact:

901 New Upper Changi Road (467355)
6443 5511

Operating Hours:

8:00am-9:30pm (Daily) - 2:30pm-9:30pm (Thursday)


Opened to the public on 21 Dec 81

Seating Capacity:

350 persons

Lifeguard Duty:


Entry Fee:

Adult $1.00 - Child $0.50 - Senior $0.60

Highlights of Bedok Swimming Complex

Facilities of Bedok Swimming Complex

Swimming pools in Bedok Swimming Complex are great for beginners and advanced swimmers. Well-maintained and ideal for the whole family.

Amenities of Bedok Swimming Complex

Friendly-environment for children and great activity area for families.

Rules and Guidelines

All visitors are requested to wear proper swimming attire and take a shower before using swimming pool facility for hygiene reasons.

Common Activities in Bedok Swimming Complex

Throughout the week, group swimming classes are conducted in Bedok Swimming Complex.


Interesting facts of Bedok

Bedok got its name from the Malay word for “drum.”  Malay tradition mentions the use of drums at temples to announce prayer time to the faithful.

Bedok covers a total area of approximately 2,157 ha. It comprises eight sub-zones: Kaki Bukit, Bedok Reservoir, Frankel, Kembangan, Bedok North, Bedok South, Siglap and Bayshore. Constant rejuvenation and upgrading since the 1970s have transformed Bedok into a bustling town.

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Terms and Conditions

The information above is exclusively for the purpose of reference only. We will not be held liable for any inconvenience caused due to either closure or maintenance of the swimming complex as there might be updates that are not brought to our attention yet.

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