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Our swimming lessons custom-made for ladies ensures that you learn in the most effective and comfortable way. We believe that the goal is not only to help our students acquire the swimming skills they need but also to aid them in gaining greater confidence and higher well-being.

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United World College (SEA) Pool
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Why take the Private Ladies Swimming Lesson?

Benefits of Private Ladies Swimming Lessons

Learning how to swim with empowered and highly-trained female instructors can give you great benefits as a woman.


In order to learn well, comfort is important

Learning to swim can be terrifying especially if you have phobias associated with the water. That is why it is important to get rid of all elements of discomfort in order to learn effectively. Our swim lessons for ladies create a non-threatening environment so that you can learn at your own pace and comfort.


Gain confidence from empowered women

We believe that confidence is infectious. Being with women who reeks the aura of high competence and empowerment can greatly influence your well-being in the best way.


For skill mastery, learning to replicate is important

Men and women have different body-built—bone structures, fat compositions, and strength levels. Replicating a swimming technique is much easier with an instructor who understands both your mind and body.

What do you learn in Private Ladies Swimming Lesson?


Water Comfort

For some of our learners, they have rarely participated in aquatics activities. This section of the ladies swimming lessons is designed to improve the comfort level of the learner.


Water Safety

We cover the basic water safety points and practice. The effective way to stay safe in the water and awareness of water and environment.


Endurance Training

The endurance includes swimming laps with different combination of strokes. The objective is to improve endurance and stamina but also to gain mastery of strokes.


Stroke Training: Frontcrawl (Freestyle)

Putting focus on posture, arm action, breathing, kicking and balanced coordination, our learner will achieve mastery of the freestyle stroke.


Stroke Training: Breaststroke

Breast stroke is probably the most preferred stroke for most swimmer. It provides good visibilities and comfort with the right amount propulsion.


Stroke Training: Backstroke

Backstroke provides a good balance in resting position and propulsion. This stroke is great when you are in the open water in resting position but also propelling at the same time.


Stroke Training: Butteryfly

Butterfly stroke is great for training the entire body strength and movement. It is the ideal stroke for burst propulsion and intensive training.

How to make the most from Private Ladies Swimming Lessons?


The stages of the Private Ladies Swimming Lessons

5 stages x 16 weeks

How often do we conduct the Private Ladies Swimming Lessons?

Lesson frequency is once a week and they can be arranged on any day of the week. Excluding public holidays.

Who should take up the Private Ladies Swimming Lessons?

Ladies who are interested in swimming lessons are all welcome here! We always aim to give our students the most comfortable environment to learn. If you are comfortable learning from a female instructor and among female classmates, this is the class for you!

Who will be conducting the Private Ladies Swimming Lessons?

An experienced female instructor who would understand the female body and mind will be conducting the classes.


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