Swim Safer Instructors

The SwimSafer Instructor Programme is an integrated programme merging the merits of the NASSA and LTSP into a single national framework. This programme guarantees that students learn the necessary swimming, survival and lifesaving skills.

Why take SwimSafer Instructors?


Professionally-designed for existing swimming instructors


Boosts your competency level


Builds your confidence as an instructor

What swimming skills and knowledge will you acquire in SwimSafer Instructors??


Program Philosophy

Get the privilege to attend a two-day course familiarising you with the philosophy and methodology of the programme.



Signing up for the SwimSafer Instructor Programme gives you the opportunity to raise your competence level as an instructor.


World-Class Skills

This programme is designed for existing swimming instructors, thus, the course prioritise in training you to develop superlative swimming skills and knowledge.


Drowning Prevention

Introduction of new components such as drowning prevention techniques.


Survival Techniques

Introduction of flotation survival techniques.


Water Safety

Introduction to water safety knowledge.


Rescue Skills

Learn the basics of rescue skills and knowledge.

How often do we conduct SwimSafer?


Who can take up SwimSafer?

From 5 years old +

Who will be conducting the programme?

Swim Safer is conducted by experienced, expertly-trained, and certified swim instructors.

SwimSafer Certification

At the end of each stage, student will receive a stage completion e-certificate.

How to sign up for Swimsafer Instructors?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We are here to help.

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Terms and Conditions

You are required to declare any medical conditions that you have or have had in the past. The school has the right to withdraw your enrolment if regarded medically unsuitable for the programme.

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